It is formed by hills and plains nestled in a privileged position from where you can see the beach of Limón. To the North it is limited by the road that goes from El Limón to Samaná and by the South part, is limited by the river The Limon. It currently has fruits that are exploited by its owner, such as: coconuts; Has almost two thirds of coconut, producing about 80,000 coconuts per crop (three harvests a year) and the other third is planted with hybrid cocoa (8 tons per year), oranges, grapefruit, coffee and has a large part Planted with grass for livestock (it can be done raising cattle and pigs). Really this property can be improved a lot still. Location: This property is located on the road that leads from El Limón to Samaná, in El Municipio de El Limón, in the province of Samaná, Dominican Republic. With a front of approximately 1 km. road. And strategically located at several key sites in the surrounding area. For more accuracy I am sending you three images of the farm to better illustrate: – One that is the sketch, made by a drom. Where you can see the road that crosses the front and the river the lemon that goes through the back. – one that is the location with its distance from the estate in relation to different places of interest, such as:

Catey Airport 31 kilometers Las Terrenas at 11 Kms. Sánchez at 18 Kms. Samaná at 24 Kms. Playa el Morón 4 Kms. The Waterfall El Limón 2 Kms.   – One that is an excellent view towards the Beach of EL Limón from one of the hills that has the finca.- This property is ideal both for tourism project development (you could be subdivided into small finches), or as for an agricultural project (Organic Cocoa, sowing of lemons, grapefruit, etc.), because the river of El Limón Pass through the back. Services: This property has all the services that a modern site demands. Electricity, drinking water by pipeline, telephone, just connect. Legal Status: This property has title of property. Note: It also has water from the El Limón River (from the back). You can sell a portion of it.

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